Affirmative Portfolios branches are located in all major cities in South Africa:

Expertise sets Affirmative Portfolios apart from all other recruitment agencies, and because of many combined years of combined experience in the recruitment industry, we offer an all-inclusive service solution.

These quality recruitment services include:

  • Permanent Recruitment Solutions
  • Temporary Recruitment Solutions
  • Outsourced Payroll
  • Advert Response Management
  • Assessment, Screening and Verification Services

Affirmative Portfolios is a recruitment company driven by exceeding client’s expectations and will always provide clients with suitable and screened candidates for the position.

These services are an important part of this recruitment company and it is the extensive and specialised range of services that sets us apart from other recruitment agencies. Affirmative Portfolios is a client-focused recruitment company, and we have made sure to include every service that our clients will need in order to increase their chances of finding the ideal job, or for finding the perfect employee for any company.

A personnel consultancy agency offering social responsibility and empowerment

Affirmative Portfolios is also driven by a strong belief and desire for social responsibility in South Africa. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in South Africa, Affirmative Portfolios has the resources and the passion to create change and opportunity in the lives of the previously disadvantaged individuals in South Africa.

We strive to secure employment for previously disadvantaged individuals in main stream industries and have already begun an internship programme. The objective of this internship programme is one of passionate social responsibility, and to provide empowerment to previously disadvantaged individuals, empowerment that is rightly deserved.

The objectives of this internship programme include:

  • Employment Equity
  • Career Development
  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Empowerment

As a leading recruitment agency in South Africa, Affiliated Portfolios has something no other recruitment agencies have – an honest passion for the business, for people and of course, unparalleled experience as a recruitment company.