Affirmative Portfolios app for Job Seekers / Candidates

The AP Job Seeker / Candidate application is a free, personalized tool to keep you in touch and up to date with AP news and current Job Vacancies on offer. It is simple to use and provides a convenient way to receive NEW Job Vacancy alerts – anywhere, anytime.

The free Job Seeker app is available for anyone that is in the Job Market. To use the app, you must be registered on the Affirmative Portfolios website (click here).

Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1

Click here to register on the website at the following URL link

Step 2

Down load the App, provided you have an Apple or Android Phone. Alternatively you may use the following HTML5 link for non Apple/Android phones in any phone internet browser or PC internet browser (caution: display may be distorted).

Download the app

Affirmative Portfolios play store app download
Affirmative Portfolios app store logo

Step 3

Wait for your Validation email from Affirmative Portfolios with further instructions and a “Validation“ link that you will need to click on (this may take up to 48 hours). You can then log in with your ID number and set your password.

Step 4

Once your email is validated, you will get a further “welcome email” advising you of your log in details.

Step 5

Open the App on your phone and go to “My Profile” and login using your ID number or email and password set in step 3 Above

Step 6

Complete any further information you require, attach a CV or photo of yourself and most importantly you need to select your Industry for Job Vacancy notifications, by going to “My Profile” –> “Notifications” –> Select  Jobs and “Modify my job Notifications” –> select the relevant Industries –> click “UPDATE”

Step 7

You will now receive email notifications as and when Jobs become available in your salary and Industry range. You can also view your relevant Jobs under the “My Jobs” tab or “all AP Jobs” on the My Profile home screen of the App.

On which phones can you use the Affirmative Portfolios App?


The App will work on your Android device. Android devices include popular makes like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei to name a few. The app has been optimised for both smartphones and tablets.


The app will work on an iPhone. Although the functionality will work on your iPad, it may not display properly.

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