Data Analyst – Cape Town
Data optimization analyst – Cape Town

Admin and Office Management ~ Project Management
Cape Town – Western Cape

Data Analyst (Contract) – Cape Town
The TES employee(s) will be responsible for the following function / work
As the Ease of Doing Business: Data optimization analyst, the individual will be responsible for:
Streamlining Business-Facing Services:
*Identify and analyze manual processes that contribute to inefficiencies.
*Develop strategies to streamline business-facing services, reducing time and complexity in line with Ease of Doing Business indicators.
Process Optimization and Automation:
*Conduct in-depth analysis of existing systems and processes.
*Implement improvements and automation solutions to enhance the efficiency of business-facing services.
Integration with Ease of Doing Business Index:
*Align systems to improve the accuracy and timeliness of indicators on the Ease of Doing Business Index.
*Ensure seamless integration with relevant data sources to enhance the overall performance measurement.
Data Analysis and Reporting:
*Analyze data from various sources, to gain insights into service performance.
*Develop comprehensive reports and dashboards for effective monitoring and decision-making.
Change Management for System Enhancements:
*Develop and implement change management plans for syste enhancements.
*Overcome resistance and facilitate the smooth adoption of new processes and technologies.
Continuous Improvement Culture:
*Instill a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.
*Encourage ongoing evaluation, feedback loops, and innovation to sustain progress in business-facing services.
Stakeholder Collaboration:
*Collaborate with stakeholders involved in business-facing services.
*Gather feedback, understand needs, and incorporate perspectives to tailor improvements according to specific business requirements.
The TES employee(s) must meet the following requirements:
Qualification: B-Tec or first degree. Could require professional registration
Experience: 5 years or more relevant experience required.
Other skills /requirements (Specify)
Analytical Skills: Ability to analyse complex systems and processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.
Data Analysis: Proficiency in data analysis tools to extract insights, identify patterns, and make data driven decisions.
Process Mapping and Modelling: Skill in creating process maps and models to visualize and understand existing workflows.
Problem-Solving: Strong problem-solving skills to address challenges in business processes and systems.
Project Management: Capability to manage projects, set timelines, and coordinate with different stakeholders to achieve optimization goals.
Communication Skills: Effective communication to convey complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
Change Management: Ability to manage and facilitate change within an organization, overcoming resistance to new processes.
Business Acumen: Understanding of business operations, goals, and strategies to align optimization efforts with organizational objectives.
Technical Proficiency: Knowledge of relevant technologies, tools, and systems to implement and support optimization initiatives.
Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies: Familiarity with Lean and Six Sigma principles for process improvement and waste reduction.
System Integration: Experience in integrating different systems to create a cohesive and efficient workflow.
Continuous Improvement Mindset: A proactive approach to fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.
Attention to Detail: Thoroughness and attention to detail to ensure accuracy and precision in process optimization.
Team Collaboration: Collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
Time Management: Efficient time management to meet deadlines and ensure timely implementation of improvements.
Adaptability: Ability to adapt to evolving technologies, business processes, and organizational needs.
Leadership: Leadership skills to guide teams through the implementation of new processes and technologies.
Documentation: Strong documentation skills to record processes, changes, and best practices for future reference.
Strategic Thinking: The ability to think strategically and align optimization efforts with long-term organizational goals.
Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on understanding and meeting the needs of internal and external customers through improved processes.
NB: Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates. If you have not been contacted within 14 days of your application, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful.