Helpdesk Call Centre Manager

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 Helpdesk Call Centre Manager – DURBAN
Job Purpose:
As a Helpdesk Call Centre Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of our Call Centre and Client Engagement Teams, ensuring exceptional Amazing Service, efficient workflow, and the achievement of performance targets. You will lead and motivate the team, monitor call metrics, and implement strategies to enhance productivity and client satisfaction.
Key Responsibilities:
A. Team Leadership and Management:
1. Supervise, train, and mentor call centre staff.
2. Conduct performance evaluations and provide constructive feedback.
3. Develop and implement strategies to enhance team productivity and morale.
B. Operational Efficiency:
1. Develop and optimize call centre processes and workflows for improved efficiency.
2. Monitor call queues and reallocate resources to maintain service levels during peak times.
3. Oversee scheduling to ensure adequate coverage and effective utilization of resources.
C. Amazing Service Delivery:
1. Ensure exceptional Amazing Service delivery in line with company standards.
2. Address escalated clients concerns and ensure resolutions that meet or exceed expectations.
3. Ensure that the Amazing Service core principles are always adhered to.
4. Ongoing communication to the team to keep it top of mind.
5. Recognition and compliments to be sent to worthy recipients.
D. Performance Analysis and Reporting:
1. Monitor call centre performance metrics and analyse data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
2. Generate regular reports detailing key performance indicators and outcomes.
3. Implement corrective actions and strategies to meet performance goals.
E. Training and Development:
1. Design and deliver training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of call centre staff.
2. Ensure ongoing training to keep the team updated on product knowledge and best practices.
F. Compliance and Quality Assurance:
1. Ensure compliance with organizational policies, procedures, and industry regulations.
2. Ensure Quality Assurance evaluations are regularly conducted to maintain a high standard of service delivery.
3. Maintaining and updating personal data for the SA Home Loans data base by ensuring that all customer interactions include a review and update of personal details.
4. Information should only be updated following the agreed and documented/system client authentication process.
5. 100 % Adherence to all company policies and procedures.
6. Ensure compliance with appropriate legislation governing the organization e.g., POPI, TCF, NCA
G. Technology Utilization:
1. Evaluate and recommend technology solutions to enhance call centre operations.
2. Collaborate with IT to implement and maintain call centre software and hardware.
H. Aligned to values and self-development.
1. Align personal values and team values to the company’s culture and values.
2. Take responsibility for your personal development and career pathing.
3. Subscribe to the company’s code of ethics and ensure that all employees do the same.
4. Comply with all legislation governing the organization.
5. Supports and encourages the Amazing Service culture.
6. Manage the team’s behaviour to always enhance the reputation and brand of the department and the company.
7. Attendance at work as per the agreed standards and policies:
Minimum Education and Experience:
• Relevant Business Degree or Diploma, Call Center Management and Customer Service Experience.
• Preferred: Further Education in Call Centre Management, Financial Services Industry preferably Mortgage Lending
Preferred Education and Experience:
• Proficient in relevant computer applications
• Knowledge of customer service principles and practices
• Knowledge of Call Centre telephony and technology
• 3 years team leader experience in a call center or customer service environment
• Strong administration and clerical competence
• 3-5 years relevant experience
Key Competencies:
• Analytical
• Resilient
• Professional
• Respectful (cross-culturally)
• Service orientated
• Data analysis, reporting and presentation skills
• Strong leadership qualities
• Ability to work independently
• Business Acumen
• High regard for quality service delivery