Technical / Construction
KwaZulu Natal

Job Spec Requirements
Btech or master’s degree in civil engineering, Structural Engineering, or a related field.
• Proven experience (10 years) in civil and structural engineering,
• In-depth knowledge of tower design, civil site preparation, analysis, and construction principles.
• Familiarity with relevant industry standards, building codes, and safety regulations.
• Strong leadership and team management skills with a track record of successfully leading engineering teams.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and external stakeholders.
• Problem-solving mindset and the ability to make sound decisions under pressure.
• Strong organizational and project management skills.
• Take ownership of all structural engineering planning, Design and Management.
• Implement and adhere to industry standards and regulations related to structures.
• Structural Integrity and Safety:
• Conduct regular inspections and assessments of structures to identify potential issues or vulnerabilities.
• Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement structural upgrades or reinforcements as necessary.
• Ensure compliance with safety guidelines and regulations to safeguard personnel and the public.
• Civil Engineering Aspects:
• Oversee civil engineering aspects related to Structural Engineering, site grading, planning, and drainage systems.
• Work closely with other professionals to ensure that sites are appropriately prepared for construction and meet local zoning and environmental requirements.
Team Leadership:
• Supervise and lead a team of civil and structural engineers, providing guidance, training, and support to optimize their performance.
• Foster a positive and collaborative work environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement.
• Collaboration and Project Management
Work closely with other departments, including network planning, operations, and construction, to align structural profiles with business needs.
• Participate in project planning and provide expert advice to support the successful deployment and integration of structural assets.
• Budget and Resource Management:
• Manage the structural department’s budget effectively, ensuring cost-efficient strategies while maintaining quality standards.
• Allocate resources appropriately to achieve operational objectives and meet project deadlines.
• Industry Knowledge and Innovation:
• Stay updated with the latest advancements in design, construction techniques, civil engineering practices, and structural engineering technologies.
• Drive innovation and explore opportunities to enhance tower performance and efficiency