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Durban North, Durban – KwaZulu Natal

The primary responsibility of a Trainee Allocator is to allocate merchandise to various retail stores based on warehouse inventory levels and the specific needs of each store.
They work closely with store managers and other team members to ensure that stock is distributed appropriately to meet customer demand.
Inventory Management:
Trainee Allocators perform extensive research on inventory-related reports, including analyzing previous inventory data and national purchasing trends.
They collaborate with buyers and stock workers to make informed decisions about merchandise allocation and replenishment.
Logistics Coordination:
They arrange for pickup and shipment of merchandise, ensuring timely delivery to stores.
As liaisons between different teams, they facilitate communication to achieve established production goals.
Data Analysis:
Trainee Allocators compile, analyze, and evaluate data to inform financial revenue projections.
Their insights support an aggressive growth strategy for the retail business.
Conversion and Market Plans:
They play a lead role in converting mid and large market plans into actionable allocation strategies.
In summary, a Trainee Allocator is a vital link in the retail supply chain, ensuring that products reach the right stores at the right time. Their work contributes to efficient inventory management and overall business success.
At least 3 years experience in Retail
 If you meet the requirements please apply via our website.
Please consider your application unsuccessful should you not hear from us within 14 days of your application