The Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) promotes legal, ethical and professional practices for the labour recruitment industry.

When it comes to recruitment being an APSO member makes sense:

  • Promoting professionalism
  • Striving for regulation
  • Speaking out in a powerful, unified voice
  • Protecting the industry
  • Delivering an edge in information
  • Ensuring education and CPD

APSO continues to work towards improving the recruitment sector for the benefit of all by working together with CAPES, Services SETA, Department of Labour and other key stakeholders.

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Managing Tax Payments
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Income Tax Explained

Online Software
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The online recruitment systems provide companies with the ability to do and manage all their recruitment processes online. Giving you more control over who you hire and enabling you to view past applications and build up a database for future reference.

Human Resource Modules

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management System
  • Vehicle Management
  • Appraisal System
  • Recruitment System
  • Contacts Module
  • Resource Booking System
  • Disciplinary Module
  • Skills Development Module
  • Learner Management System
  • Fingerprint System
  • Notification System

Newsletter administration, updating mailing lists and sending of newsletters to your clients.