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Looking for employment? We are an official service provider to the Western Cape Government – Health and are excited at the prospect in being able to provide you with employment. ...

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Responding to Job Adverts

If you are currently in the market for a new job then the chances are you will find out about newly available roles through mediums like newspapers, magazines and websites ...


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Are you in need of a job or looking for work? The more ways you attempt to find a job, the greater you increase your chances of landing one. You ...

Permanent and Temporary Recruitment in Durban

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Ad Response Handling

Affirmative Portfolios offers response handling services that can be customized to suit ...
Temporary Recruitment

Candidate Assessments

Candidate Assessments and Criminal Checks Affirmative Portfolios have partnered with EMPS (Employers’ ...

Temporary Clients

Temporary personnel are workers who are hired on a short-term basis. These ...

Job Seeker

Working a temp job in your field of expertise is an ideal ...
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Three Different Cover Letters

A cover letter is an important part of your job application package. ...

Job Interview Tips

If you focus your attention on positions that you are qualified for, ...

Recruitment Company Services

Affirmative Portfolios is a leading recruitment company in South Africa. If you require a permanent job or whether you are looking for short-term employment, Affirmative Portfolios can offer you the most comprehensive temporary recruitment services, and permanent recruitment services currently available.

Affirmative Portfolios has become one of the leading recruitment agencies Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg has to offer due to our esteemed professionalism, experience and expertly trained consultants. It is also our vast range of recruitment services that contribute to our success as one of the leading recruitment agencies in South Africa.

Affirmative Portfolios recruitment services include:

  • Temporary recruitment services
  • Permanent Recruitment Services
  • Advert Response Management
  • Outsourced Payroll
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Temporary Clients
  • Job Seeker Expertise
  • Cover Letter Expertise and Advice

Another element that propels Affirmative Portfolios beyond all other recruitment agencies in South Africa, is the specialised consultants that we employ. Affirmative Portfolios is listed as a generalised recruitment agency, however the services that we offer our clients are, in fact, highly specialised.

Affirmative Portfolios is a specialised recruitment agency in the sense that we have specialised consultants that work in specific areas of recruitment. These consultants have expert knowledge of these specific areas of work and will build a comprehensive database for the specific field that the consultants specialise in.

Some areas that Affirmative Portfolios specialise in include:

  • Office Support
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • IT
  • Senior Management/ Executive recruitment

Here, at Affirmative Portfolios, we strive to deliver only the best service to our customers through our extensive experience as a recruitment company. Our vision is to be the leading national service provider of human resources in South Africa. Through experience, passion, efficiency and drive, we are well on the way to achieving this goal.

Valuing service excellence, diversity and integrity, Affirmative Portfolios will provide you with only the best recruitment service solutions.

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Are you a top notch Temporary Employee?

Are you a temporary staff member in a company? Perhaps you enjoy the flexibility, changing environment and challenges that come with working at different companies. Whatever your reasons it can be good to evaluate whether you a top notch temporary employee.

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Temporary Employment – A Sign of Modern Times

Years ago having a temporary employee was a means of filling a gap for a brief period of time. Temp workers were utilized for when a staff member was on holiday, maternity leave or even ill. Many businesses in today’s modern times are utilizing temporary employees for more diverse functions.

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December Leave – Get a temporary Staff Solution

With December holidays around the corner most employers will be dreading their valuable permanent staff members requesting leave. Other staff members may be dreading the extra workload that may be piled on their shoulders when their colleagues are away over the festive season.

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Temporary Staff

Make Temporary Staff a Success

Temporary staff can at times be a lifesaver and integrating them into your department successfully allows for little to no disruption in business activities. Temporary staff can be utilized for long term or short term assignments. They can fill a gap professionally when your permanent staff members take annual leave or when a specific short [...]

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Temporary Staff in an Uncertain Economy

With current economic conditions affecting the business environment, a temporary staff member can be ideal. There may come a time when a business owner is reluctant to bring in new staff members full time.

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The Benefits of Temporary Staff Solutions

Often a company will need to hire staff and usually the first idea is a permanent hire. A temporary staff solution has many benefits which should also be considered. When it comes to hiring permanent staff there is the added necessity for ongoing monthly employee benefits as well as additional payroll administration. If one had [...]

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Qualities Most Employers will Appreciate

Most employers will over time get to know their employees. The ones that stand out have certain qualities that most employers will appreciate. These qualities will be applicable whether you stay with the company or leave for greener pastures. There are certain employee qualities an employer will look for and appreciate. These qualities will also [...]

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