work teamEmployees really can make or break a business. It doesn’t matter if your brand or product is exemplary if you don’t have the dedicated team to fulfil the workload. That’s why it’s so important to promote employee satisfaction and take the right steps to improve yourself as an employer.

How to Be a Better Employer: 5 Leadership Tips

If you’re looking for self-improvement and ways in which you can benefit both your business and employee team, here are five employer tips for you. You can also find further tips and information over at our blog page.

1. Promote Constant Feedback

Feedback works both ways for employees and employers. Constantly communicating with your team means better opportunities for feedback on the company, any problems, or even how you can help to do better as an employer.

Appraisals, meetings, and reviews are all good opportunities to promote feedback. This allows your employees a platform to speak to you about what they think but also lets you give employees the feedback they need.

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2. Hire the Right People

Being a better employer doesn’t mean working well with an employee who doesn’t fit your business. Hiring the right people is essential for growth and a good working atmosphere, both for you and the employee. You can do better as an employer with a team that wants to be there, wants to progress, and are willing to work for the experience. The right employees can bring out the best in you, which is why it’s important to take advantage of specialised recruitment services.

3. Be Flexible

Flexibility is one key aspect that most employees would react positively to. If you’re flexible as an employer, it shows your employees that you care about their situation and are willing to make changes where possible. Flexibility could be with shift patterns, working environment, or if employees approach you with requests or problems.

4. Be Human

An employer has to set up boundaries for their employees, as you can’t be their best friend when trying to direct a business. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t be human. Understanding, compassion, and humour go a long way to show your employees they can speak with you comfortably and that you’re a human being, too.

5. Reward and Recognise

If your employees are only ever getting feedback when it’s negative, this can lead to dissatisfaction and difficult working relationships. It’s just as important to provide positive feedback as it is negative, so rewarding and recognising when your employees have worked hard or done something worthy of discussion will help you to become a better and more mindful employer.

Become a Better Employer with These Tips from Affirmative Portfolios

Visit our contact page if you’re looking for recruitment opportunities. Becoming a better employer is a lot about human interaction and professional relationships rather than business acumen. While it’s always important to know your industry and have experience, improving your people skills and treating your employees positively is also key.

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