A group of smiling employeesThe growth of employees within a business is just important as the business itself, as, without dedicated employees, you won’t have anybody to keep the business working as it should. Supporting your employees’ growth not only means that they can adapt to the business, but it also means that they feel cared for and supported, too, whether in permanent or temporary recruitment.

How to Support Employee Growth

Here are five substantial ways you can always support the growth of your employees. For more employee management tips, check out our blog.

1. Always Recognise Hard Work

For employees to understand what they are doing right — and therefore continue to do so and develop in the correct way — they need to receive positive feedback regarding any hard work which has earned recognition. It’s a good idea to have regular employee appraisals and reviews so that you can discuss openly with your employee where their hard work has been recognised, in order to make them motivated and appreciated.

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2. Don’t Neglect Daily Feedback

If you’re taking steps to have regular reviews, that’s great. However, some feedback needs to be at the moment. Your employees will grow more effectively if you tell them in real-time when they have done something well, rather than a year down the line for their annual review.

3. Offer Training Support

For employees to grow, they may need to learn new skills, or else keep crucial skills constantly up to scratch. Ongoing training and support will be beneficial, as well as opportunities for coaching programs or external training opportunities.

4. Encourage Good Communication

Your employees need to know that they will be heard, as well as you (as a business runner) being able to know when your employees need a helping hand. Effective communication is essential for you to recognise what employees are doing right, and what they could use some assistance with to grow.

5. Treat Employees as Individuals

All employees will have their own personalities, their own learning style, their own job goals, and personal lives. To effectively support the growth of every employee, you need to take the time to understand them on a personal level and gain insight regarding their own career progression goals, so that you can always find the best fit for both the employee and the business.

Support Your Employees’ Growth Today with The Help of Affirmative Portfolios

Due to our dedication in matching the right employees with the right jobs, we understand what it means to have employees you can rely on and to support in their personal direction. If you’re looking to recruit new employees and enable them to grow effectively, contact us today.

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