When looking to outsource your employee search, you will need a company with vast experience in handling job response and job advertising. An experienced company has many benefits for you, the employer. Every business is different and you will require a recruitment strategy to suit your individual needs. The benefits of outsourcing your job ad response handling are numerous:
1.    You provide the recruitment company with the job specification and candidate requirements.

2.    They will design and place the appropriate advertisements for you.

3.    They will receive all the CV’S.

4.    They will collate and screen all the responses.

5.    They will give an assessment on all the applications received.

6.    They should generate a report of shortlisted, suitable candidates.

7.    They take care of all the administration for you.

All of these benefits should enable you the Employer to focus on your core business without the stress of searching through and responding to tons of CV’S.