Cultural Fit Recruiting

Hiring the right person for the job requires more than simply matching a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience to the position. If the new staff member doesn’t fit in with your company’s culture, there’s a strong possibility they won’t be compatible with fellow staff, or company goals and values. This could ultimately affect your business’s productivity and result in the inconvenience of having to re-hire!  Read on to find out more…

What is cultural fit?

Every company has its own culture which stems from a business owner’s core vision. Over time, this culture evolves, or adapts as permanent staff members join, clients come on board and day-to-day work experiences occur.  Culture fit is the way staff members interact and work together in order to align with company expectations, values, and goals – all while having their own unique characteristics.  Companies that hire staff with the right skills, values, and mix of personalities often have a lower staff turnover, improved work performance, and a higher success rate when it comes to achieving goals or targets.

The cost of hiring the wrong cultural fit

Don’t rush to fill that position! According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions and with current labour laws, employers can’t simply get rid of an employee without following due process.  A certain candidate might tick all the boxes on paper, and interview well but, if they don’t have the right behaviour and personality traits, a culture clash could occur, which could result in lowered productivity and end up costing your company money. Rather take your time –  get a recruiter to help you if you don’t have the time – to find a staff member that will work well, get along with fellow colleagues and adapt easily to your company practices and expectations.

Recruitment for the right fit

Professional recruitment agencies understand the importance of head-hunting staff with appropriate skills, experience and the right culture fit. These candidates are far more likely to fit in from the get-go and contribute positively to the company. It’s for this very reason that interview processes have evolved to take into account ‘cultural fit recruiting’, which involves understanding the position and its responsibilities, as well as learning about the company, its operations, and ethos.  The recruitment consultant will want to have a clear idea if a specific candidate does indeed have the right characteristics for the job and so they’ll conduct a comprehensive candidate assessment using the latest assessment tools, along with tailored questions focusing on the applicant’s behaviour, personality, and core values.

Get the right staff member

Affirmative Portfolio’s consultants are here to assist you throughout the entire recruitment process whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary staff members. Each candidate is fully screened and assessed to ensure that you get the right staff member no matter what the position. Contact us today for a stress-free staff solution!