Every Company employer is wanting to have a committed team of staff. Committed employees are productive and less likely to have many sick days. How does an employer get the very best from his staff?

Engaging with staff is vital. An employer has the ability to make staff feel valued.

Progression within the company can be a key retention tool.

Employees need to have an understanding of the company’s vision and this is where communication is also a key factor.

Team work can be extremely productive and can help to develop trust and co-operation.

Are your employees aware of Company values and goals?

Recognition can be an effective way to offer appreciation for valued, hardworking staff members.

Managing performance by clearly letting staff members have regular feedback on their performance. This can be done in an informal supportive way that wont make even your top performing employees nervous.

Staff empowerment is a tool that will encourage independence and personal achievement of your staff. Instead of micro managing every detail of your employee’s duties, encourage their abilities and give them space to prove those abilities.