How to Prepare for Your First Job - Women at a tableSo, high school or university is over, you’ve been sending out your most professional CV and finally, you have been hired for your first job. First of all, congratulations! Your first job is an empowering milestone for you and your family, and you now have the chance to explore your skills and contribute to the working world. We at Affirmative Portfolios want to help you through this exciting yet daunting time by teaching you how to prepare for your first job, so you can feel confident and ready for action on the day!

Arrive Earlier and Get Settled

We know this may seem elementary, but arriving a couple minutes early to your new job will make a difference in more ways than one. For starters, you will have time to check that you have all the materials you will need for the day, check emails or telephone messages, and settle in for the day ahead. This helps you to be more productive!
Additionally, arriving early shows that you are committed and willing to work hard. This makes a positive impression and will build good work habits for your future.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Boss

Your boss may seem intimidating, but the average person in charge is very willing to talk with you! We advise you provide your boss or supervisor with regular (but not too frequent!) updates on the progress you are making with your tasks. You must remember that you are allowed to ask for help if you are stuck, especially if you commit to trying your best to figure it out first. To show that you are committed to improving yourself and your skills, you should periodically ask your superiors for feedback so you can use their constructive criticism to be more productive!

Be Positive and Enthusiastic About All Tasks

Remember, this is your first job and you are likely in a very junior position – at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak. As such, remember that no task is too small for you to complete for a superior. If you need to make a cup of coffee or copy and file documents for your boss, do it with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Of course, if you feel that some senior members are taking advantage of you, you should confide in your boss. The moral of the story is that your professional life is made up of your initial role + your initiative.

Limit Cell Phone Use

It goes without saying that your work day is not dedicated to your cell phone. Try to check messages and updates in private, and during dedicated lunch time wherever possible. During work hours, keep social media checks to an absolute minimum as you are not on payroll to check Facebook. You would not want to seem uninterested or disrespectful to your boss.

Be Positive and Respectful to All

Most importantly, your first job is the start of many relationships. All employees both above you and below you in rank or status should be treated with respect and positivity. You can make meaningful connections with skilled individuals, connect with a mentor who shares their skills and knowledge with you, and be a team player. Consider using your new skills and experience to mentor your less fortunate friends who are not yet employed – you can empower them with advice and skills that may help them move forward.

Your first job is the perfect time to explore your skills and build new relationships that can serve you well in the future. We hope this blog has helped you to prepare for your first job and gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. Contact us to chat about your professional future, and remember to send us your CV!