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HR is a crucial part of any company, as the HR manager is ultimately responsible for keeping the employees feeling happy and appreciated, as well as deal with any issues they may be experiencing. We at Affirmative Portfolios, however, realise that there are so many ineffective HR practices that just don’t work and, while they may mean well, they end up negatively impacting employee productivity and morale.

4 HR Practices to Lose in 2020

These ineffective practices need to be dumped in 2020 to ensure your business is functioning at an optimum level. Keep reading the blog as we explore 4 common HR practices that you need to leave in 2019 in order to move forward in 2020.

1. Hiring the First Candidate that Meets the Requirements

When it comes to hiring employees for your company, you want to ensure that you are hiring the best candidate for the position; one that is well suited to your company, skilled in all the necessary areas and can help your business achieve its goals and objectives.

This is why organisations need to ensure that they have a proper and sound selection and recruitment process in line to ensure that the best person for the position is hired. When it comes to your business, you don’t want to settle for less than the best, therefore, it is important that you thoroughly investigate all candidates and do not settle for the first one that meets your requirements.

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2. Avoid Employee Exploitation

To have an effective and efficient organisation, one needs to keep their employees happy, whilst avoiding any form of employee exploitation. It is extremely important that employees are correctly and fairly compensated for their work and that praise is given where is deserved. By ensuring that your employees are well paid, rewarded and compensated for their efforts, they are encouraged and motivated to work harder and achieve more.

You are duly increasing employee satisfaction and improving your business. Not only can exploitation affect your current employees, but it can also have an effect on future employees, as your company’s reputation will make it extremely hard to find new employees willing to join your team, thus you will have to settle for employees who are not top quality.

3. Not Developing Your Existing Employee Base

It is vital that all individuals in top-level management realize just how important it is to train and develop their employees. Not only is it a necessity for the successful running of the organisation, but it is highly valued by employees; by constantly helping your employees become better, you are building a loyal relationship and increasing employee retention rates.

Along with extra training and development, you now have the opportunity to offer employees the opportunity to grow and move up in the business, letting them fill vacancies in higher positions that their new skills now make them legible to fill. Thus, employees will want to work hard to meet the requirements that will allow them to qualify for a higher position.

4. Limited Transparency and Access to Information

There is no point in building your organisations brand as a good employer if the majority of your company’s movements and decisions are kept a secret from your employees. By ensuring that there is transparency in your business and offering your employees easy access to information, you will be building trust between yourself and your employees, as well as bettering employee engagement.

It is important for an organisation to share as much information as possible with their employees; both good and the bad results that keep them informed and in the loop make employees feel appreciated and trusted, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity.

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HR and recruiting can be a complicated process- why not get assistance? Affirmative Portfolios have been in the recruitment business for decades and can find you the perfect candidates. From outsourcing your HR to hiring new employees, call us today and make your job easier.

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