Let’s face it, running a business can be extremely stressful due to daily work tasks that have to be overseen and run effectively. Why add the stress of paying staff every week or every month? By outsourcing your payroll not only will you be free to deal with other aspects of business operations, but you will also be assured of administrative services that will pay your staff correctly and timeously.

In-house payroll can be resource intensive.

Paying staff can be a time consuming and stressful procedure especially when there is a large number of staff. With outsourced payroll you will have the services of a team who are knowledgeable in pay regulations and keeping up to date with the latest in Government legislation. They will take care of all the aspects of paying staff weekly, monthly or bi-weekly. Some businesses will have permanent office staff, temporary staff as well as staff working night shifts. Imagine trying to reconcile these different payroll structures? Outsourced payroll companies are able to offer these valuable services to businesses of all sizes at a cost effective rate with a high level of accuracy.

Outsourcing your payroll could save you money.

As a business owner you will also have no need to employ a dedicated staff member to handle the paying of salaries which can save you valuable resources and money. Outsourced payroll administrators are up to date with government taxes & regulations and this will ensure your business is keeping up to date with any important legislation changes. These payroll experts will also have the latest in payroll software to handle all aspects of your company’s wage requirements. There is no need for you to purchase any additional expensive payroll software and then attend training to use it which will further save you on costs. An outsourced payroll company will process individual payslips electronically or in a hard copy as well as process the payroll reports. Preparation of EMP201, UIF payments, PAYE and more will be expertly taken care of and in line with legislation.

Other valuable services that can be provided include electronically delivered IRP5’s, EMP201 submissions and the reconciling of your skills development levy which is a must for companies with a BEE rating. Every business operation is unique and most payroll companies will provide a fully managed, flexible and customized payroll service to suit your individual needs.

With all of these payroll aspects covered, there really is no need for any staff wage stress.