There is a ton of information on how one can become a top employee but what are the qualities of a top employer?Trust plays an important role between the employer and his/her staff. Employees will need their manager or business leader to guide and give advice at times. A top employer will be one that staff feel free to go to for guidance when it comes to business decisions.The employer should have an in-depth knowledge of each aspect of the company so that they can help all employees with solutions when necessary. Staff who trust their employers will generally look up to and try to emulate the very same qualities. Trust works both ways and can help to create a happy work environment.

A top employer motivates and shows appreciation by praising hard working employees for their dedication. Employees that are not equally dedicated can be given the opportunity to improve.  When each employee feels valued and a part of the company, their job becomes more than a pay check but, a commitment to the business.Building a positive environment for everyone involved in the company can help to make a successful business. Positivity inspires people in the company to do their very best.

A successful business leader is involved with the staff and  communicates clearly regarding projects and objectives. They will maintain a consistent approach and guidance. They recognize that the constant changing of goalposts and objectives can cause a less stable working environment.

When problems arise the employer should be able to take charge to find a solution and will communicate with the staff about actions and decisions taken to reach the solution. This will help provide important knowledge to staff who can learn to take control of any future problems or issues in the future.

Taking an interest in the health and safety of employees demonstrates someone who values his employees by providing a safe work environment.
Paying a decent and fair salary based not merely on industry standards but also based on individual abilities will result in staff who feel appreciated.