Are you an employer that is searching for Marketing and Sales candidates? We can help you. Affirmative Portfolios have experience in sourcing marketing and sales staff. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best suited candidate for the job. We have helped many employers find and attract appropriate sales and marketing candidates for a wide range of industries and that is why our company has a reputation for sourcing the best permanent and temporary staff. Our experienced consultants are ready to source skilled sales or marketing professionals who will match your criteria.

We use numerous resources to attract top candidates and already have an extensive database of professionals searching for specific sales and marketing positions. We understand that when a sales or marketing position is advertised, there is usually  a high volume of applications. How do you determine which applicant is truly appropriate for the position? Do they have the required skill sets, potential to produce great results and grow within your company?

This is where Affirmative Portfolios can assist you. We get to know the sales or marketing position as well as your expectation and requirements. We advertise the position through appropriate channels such as online job portals, traditional media, social media etc.  Many successful sales and marketing candidates are searching for positions in a company with a specific work environment, potential growth or certain company values. When advertising the vacancy we will include detailed and relevant information about your company as well as the specific skill sets and experience required for the position.

Our team can also assist you by screening, assessing and evaluating potentials before providing you with a short list.

Affirmative Portfolios is confident that we will find the best suited sales or marketing person for your company. Why not make us your Recruitment Company?