Hiring Staff

Have you ever arrived at work, only to realise that one of your favourite employees – someone you invested much time and effort into – has decided to abscond? You scratch your head as you read through their collection of scribbles posing as a resignation letter, wondering what you could have done to keep them happy and at their desk. More often than not, issues of improper placement can prompt employees to flee. Ensure a proper placement with each interview by following our 10 tips to hiring staff…

Start Hiring Over the Phone

Don’t wait for your potential employee to attend an interview before sizing them up. From their application, source their contact details and give them a call! How they answer, how they hold a conversation, and how they react once realising it is their potential future boss calling will tell you a lot about their character.

Headhunt Staff for better Hiring

It’s better to keep your hiring process as an ongoing procedure, instead of just hiring when an employee leaves. Keep an eye on job seekers for potential game-changers, and keep their contact details listed with the possible position they could fill. So, when a staff member decides to resign, the hiring process can begin immediately. Have a look at where to find quality employees and who can help you find them.

Never Interview Candidates Alone

Try not be the only person who interviews candidates, and if your HR department handles interviews, make sure the group of interviewers is comprised of both males and females. With a mixture of genders and ages, there can be no bias based on gender, looks, or personality type. You might be surprised as to how many employees are hired based on their anatomical qualities!

Improve your Job Listings

Developing the perfect job listing is almost as difficult as developing a good cover letter for a CV. Most importantly, start with a catchy attention-grabbing heading. Move on to describe your company, then describe the perfect candidate for the position. Consider having a look at how to write the perfect job advertisement for some useful tips!

Improve Hiring with Social Media

While employers cannot legally base their hiring decisions on applicants’ social media profiles and activities, looking a candidate up on a social networking website could give you a better understanding of the type of person they are, as well as what their hobbies and interests are. Looking at an applicant’s comments on other people’s social media activity gives valuable insight into how they interact with others.

Structure your Interview Process

A 2015 study on why new hires fail revealed that defective interviewing processes could be contributing to why some of your employees do not make it in the long run. The study suggests that interviewers are too fixated on the technical skills of the applicant, and fail to screen for emotional intelligence, coachability, general temperament and levels of motivation. A CV will tell you what skills they have, but a structured interview with tailored questions will tell you so much more!

Improve your Job Market Vigilance

It is safe to assume that any potential employees worth their salt will research your organisation in preparation for their interviews. Keep an eye on any reviews or comments that may have been made about the organisation by ex-employees or disgruntled clients. Should there be any grievances posted online for all to see, make sure you attend to them professionally and promptly. Unattended complaints about your company could leave a negative impression on potential employees.

Implement Candidate Personality Tests

Many of the largest companies in the world have begun implementing pre-employment personality tests to screen potential employees for desirable, and undesirable, personality traits (dependability, cooperativeness, etc.) to eliminate human bias in an interview. This is an objective way of making sure that your future employee will be a good fit for your team and your organisation as a whole.

Speak to Professional Recruitment Consultants

Hiring the right employees takes time, effort, and a keen eye for untapped potential. Allow a professional recruitment agency to handle your hiring process, and rest assured that the best candidates possible will make it to your interviews. At Affirmative Portfolios, we make hiring the best in the business our business.

Ask the Right Recruitment Questions

You can’t simply ask someone if they steal, or if they are self-centred, without insulting them. Gaining information from a potential employee is an art, and the better you are at it – the more you’ll be able to find out. Asking questions like “who will you be in 10 years” will give you an understanding of the candidate’s ambitions and goals, and asking questions like “do you work to live or live to work” can give great insights into their general attitude towards employment and working in general.