A cover letter is an important part of your job application package. The employer will not be able to tell from your resume what position you are applying for. A dynamically written cover letter will let the employer know what vacancy you are applying for and how you are suited to that position.

There are three kinds of covering letters:

Direct response to an advertised vacancy.

These vacancies can be advertised in print or online. The employer will state what kind of qualities, experience, and skills they are looking for. When replying to these kinds of adverts you need to offer what the employer is looking for.

Uninvited or cold calling letters.

These are when you write to several companies that you are interested in working for. You let them know how your individual skills and experience could benefit their company. This is an effective way to apply for jobs as you may be offered an interview for a vacancy that has not yet been advertised. If there are no vacancies, you may have made such a great impression with your letter that when a vacancy does open up you will be contacted immediately. A further advantage is that the employer may refer you to another company where there is an opening.

Referral letters.

These are where a friend, acquaintance, or former colleague lets you know about a vacancy, possibly one that hasn’t yet been advertised. If you are looking for a new job or career change let people around you know. You never know the contacts that others have. A referral letter gives you the edge over the other kinds of letter as the employer is more likely to ask you to an interview if you mention someone who works at the company – make sure this mutual person is a respected member of staff.