Most Employers are aware that after successfully hiring the perfect candidate for the available position, it’s often not a case of showing them to their desk and expecting them to get on with things.

It’s beneficial to you and the Company to integrate new hires to help prepare them for success. The new employee has been hired to do a job at which they are skilled.

What should you as an Employee do to get them Inducted into the Company successfully?

-Introduce them to the whole team on an office tour.
-Orientate them with everyone’s positions.
– Give them a good rundown of the company’s history and background.
– Make them aware of the Company’s values and vision.
– Make them aware of any policies and procedures including annual reviews and what to expect.
– Clearly define their position and any expectations.
– Inform them of any up and coming training sessions available to them.
– Are they aware of who they report to?
– Make them aware of the office dress code.
– Get their personal and payroll details.

Having a structured integration process for new employees will make a difference and engage them from the start.