Business meeting discussing the benefits of recruiting in DecemberHave you ever tried to recruit in December before?

If not, we are here to tell you why this is the best month of the whole year for recruiting new members of staff. Here at Affirmative Portfolios, we are recruitment experts and know all the tricks of the trade to help you get the best calibre of candidates.

The Benefits of Recruiting in December

As mentioned briefly above, businesses tend to shy away from recruiting in December, with many more focused on winding down for the year and enjoying the festivities.

However, this is a missed opportunity as recruiting in December has so many advantages over recruitment at other times of the year.

Keep reading to find them all out below and enjoy an even merrier Christmas with your new and improved members of staff.

1. Enhanced Diversity

It has never been more vital for businesses to have a diverse workforce, and December is the perfect time to seek out candidates who do not celebrate Christmas as intently as others.

Therefore, you should continue to keep your recruitment efforts going throughout the festive season, as many top candidates will also be continuing their job search.

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2. Less Competition

As fewer businesses recruit in December, you will have less competition for attracting the top talent within your field. Furthermore, if candidates are already searching for a job in your industry, they are more likely to read your advertisement and apply for the position.

3. More Availability

While you would think that January would be the time when people seek out new opportunities, you need to remember that Christmas is an expensive event. Therefore, you may be surprised to see just how many people look to increase their salary during this period.

Plus, money aside, some people simply want to start the new year with a new job rather than wait to start the job searching process during this bleak month.

4. Increased Social Media Activity

If you tend to advertise for positions on social media, and if not, you should start, December is the ideal time for recruiting on these busy platforms.
From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, every social media channel is awash with festive messages during December, so what better time to reach out to potential candidates?

Find the Best Candidates this Christmas with Affirmative Portfolios

Are you ready to ramp up your recruitment efforts this festive season? Let us help you find the right person for the job with our team of talented recruitment experts. Get in touch here today and get one step ahead of your competitors this December.

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