Affirmative Portfolios discuss 2022 recruitment challenges Recruiting the right people is difficult, especially for larger businesses that need to take multiple people on. In 2021 especially, businesses had to deal with an array of challenges on the hiring front that made recruiting talent harder than usual. By understanding the obstacles and using our Affirmative Portfolios services, those recruitment challenges in 2021 do not have to continue.

Let Your Recruitment Efforts in 2022 Attract the Best Talent

Looking forward, your recruitment efforts in 2022 can have a higher success rate, as long as you understand these three challenges you face and how to overcome them. To read more articles about how to make the hiring process easier, take a look at our blog page.

1. A High Turnover Rate

In 2021, businesses saw an increase in turnover rate. With the unease surrounding the pandemic, this made sense, as people were unsure about their careers and were wary about health concerns. It meant that businesses struggled to keep a strong and reliable team, though, which is a critical part of running a productive company.

For recruitment in 2022, you need to consider offering better benefits, growth opportunities, and a more attractive salary. Doing so will attract candidates who are experienced, motivated, and serious about sticking around.

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2. Labour Shortage

Another obstacle in 2021 was a labour shortage – again brought on by the COVID pandemic. Many people who would have usually been at work were staying home for health reasons, meaning businesses suffered from a loss of staff. Many decided to change careers or not go back to work, too. For this to not continue, you must put a dedicated effort into ensuring the workspace is safe, comfortable, and flexible.

While the recruitment and onboarding process is crucial, you should also focus on making the workspace a positive environment and offering rewards to loyal staff. Good pay, a great reward system, flexibility, and understanding management are all critical for businesses that want to recruit excellent employees.

3. Rejections by Candidates

Lastly, many businesses noticed an increase in rejections made by candidates who were offered the job. That means the candidate went through a big chunk of the recruitment process, including application and interview, but eventually decided not to take the job.
To reduce the number of candidate rejections you receive in 2022, you should hone the recruitment process by using our Affirmative Portfolio solutions. With our candidate assessments, we perform multiple checks, including criminal history and qualifications, which ensure the candidates you consider are the best talent for your business.

Use Affirmative Portfolios for Your Recruitment Solutions

Affirmative Portfolios is your answer to a better and more streamlined recruitment process in 2022 and beyond. With our mixture of permanent and temporary recruitment options, you ensure who you hire is completely on board with the business. If you want to learn more about how our services can help you, visit our contact page.

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