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You’ve got a job interview for that dream position and you’ve focused on questions the employer may ask during the interview, but what about your questions? As a job seeker, you’ll no doubt want to know if the position and employer is the right fit for you. Here we share the top five questions job seekers should ask in a job interview…

Describe the ideal candidate for the position

Besides reflecting your interest in the position, asking this question encourages the employer to describe the calibre of candidate they’re searching for whilst detailing their expectations. Job descriptions often don’t fully clarify the specifications, qualifications, and experience required; for example, if you’re applying for a digital marketing manager position, the employer might be searching for someone with multiple skills to handle social media, email and content marketing, SEO, design, strategy planning, and with management experience to oversee staff members within the division.

What are the company’s plans for the future?

As a serious job candidate, you’ll have researched the company prior to the interview, so mention the company’s history, current products, and/or services to demonstrate your keen interest.  The response to this question will also give you an insider’s perspective on the company’s long term plans for future products, services and growth.

If I’m offered the position, what are my prospects for growth?

Most employers want a person with drive and ambition, and this question indicates that you have a vested interest in the role and are serious about upskilling and growing.  To further demonstrate an eagerness in growing and developing, you might also want to enquire whether the company offers training courses for the betterment of its employees.

Who previously held the position and why did they leave?

This position may be a newly developed role, or one with a high staff turnover. You may discover that the previous employee was promoted or asked to leave due to a lack of skills.  They might have left for better prospects or even retired. Either way, you’ll know whether there’s chance for further advancement, an unpleasant atmosphere, or a company that has loyal staff who remain with the company for years.

Does the company foster teamwork?

When it comes to corporate teamwork, one only has to look at successful companies like Google and Facebook to understand that working together, communication and personal growth lead to success. According to a Harvard Business Review blog, ‘We all need friends at work’, research indicated that workers are happier in their jobs when they have friendships and camaraderie with co-workers. The answer to this question will speak volumes about the company’s belief in teamwork. In other words, if the company’s culture is one that fosters a common sense of purpose, they’ll be sure to let you know!

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