Companies throughout South Africa are hiring temporary employees. There are a few reasons why this form of hiring employees on a short term basis is being adopted. Our current economy is quite unpredictable at this stage. Business owners are watching economic developments such as the electricity crisis and labour strikes closely. With the economy in mind, many plans for business are being made with a short term approach.

Temporary staff can form part of this short term plan and will not create a permanent overhead in the company’s operations. Many owners may be going through a transitional phase. Their businesses may be showing growth but may want to approach permanent employment with caution. Many SMMEs will want to continue their growth and fill much needed positions without taking on too many permanent expenses.

Business owners who have a contract with a temp agency will have the option to renew a temporary employee’s contract if they still have a need for their services. Using the services of a temporary employee will be extremely useful when there are seasonal peaks in workloads, short-term projects, or gaps due to staff on leave. Certain companies may want flexible options whilst focusing on restructuring and productivity. Many career orientated individuals enjoy working in a temporary position as they prefer the flexibility, new challenges, and learning new skills.

Many temp agencies will have a full screening process in place to ensure that the candidate is suited to the job. This saves the employer the hassle of having to advertise the position, and screen and interview candidates. Companies will be acquiring a candidate without long term risk and commitment. Temporary employees if hired for a specialized project can provide valuable skills and may even be able to offer fresh, new ideas to the employer.

If you are a business owner searching for staff to fill a gap, a temporary employee may be worth it.