Affirmative Portfolios on high employee turnoverA high turnover rate is bad for any business. It harms company culture, reputation, and general productivity levels. Every company should do whatever they can to improve their turnover rate. That way, they can focus on building a happy and healthy work environment with loyal employees. Here at Affirmative Portfolios, we help companies achieve that goal.

How to Fix High Employee Turnover

Fixing a high employee turnover rate starts at recruitment. Read on to learn how to fix high employee turnover, and visit our blog page if you want to learn more about recruiting the right people.

1. Hiring the Wrong People

The first mistake companies make happens before employees are even on board. Hiring the wrong type of people will only lead to a high turnover rate – especially if you keep doing it. Instead of trying to hire too quickly, you should spend time to ensure they are the right fit. Or, you could use a recruitment agency like us to ensure you have experts on the case. At Affirmative Portfolios, we connect businesses to incredible employees that work well with the team.

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2. Low Pay

No matter how enjoyable a job is, it is hard to get people to stick around if they are not paid enough. Underpaying employees might save you money in the short-term, but if it drives good employees away, it will cost you more

long-term. Provide raises when appropriate, and make sure you provide a reasonable salary for every employee.

3. A Lack of Recognition

After working hard for so long, employees deserve a little recognition. If they don’t receive it, they might start to feel unappreciated and take their skills elsewhere. You don’t have to celebrate every tiny job well done, but keep an eye out for the employees that always put their best foot forward. They need recognition for their efforts!

4. No Company Culture

Good company culture is crucial if you want people to stick around. Company culture encompasses the company’s values. If you’re a business that puts employees first, for example, you need to show that by rewarding hard work and providing a positive work environment. Good company culture makes employees feel like part of a community, which in turn ensures more staff members stick around.

5. Not Listening to Feedback

If you are serious about reducing high employee turnover, then you need to start listening to employee feedback. Even the small stuff that you think you can brush to the side. The things that employees say matter, and if you don’t listen to them, you risk more and more people leaving. Sometimes, the answer is as easy to reach as the feedback box!

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