Affirmative Portfolios discuss getting a pay riseDo you think you deserve a pay rise but aren’t sure about how best to ask for one? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Affirmative Portfolios, we are recruitment experts who have spent years requesting and securing pay rises for our clients.

How to Get a Pay Rise

If you are more than ready to request a pay rise, the tips below can help you get the salary you want and deserve.
Been turned down for a pay rise? We can help you deal with that and improve your chances of securing a raise in the future, with articles from our blog also helping improve your career.

1. Know Your Worth

In today’s competitive job market, many employees feel too scared when requesting a pay rise as they feel they are dispensable.

However, the key to getting a pay rise is to know your worth and showcase this to your employer. Before you ask for a raise, it can be a good idea to benchmark what you should be being paid by carrying out an online salary survey.

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2. Ask In Person

When you request a pay rise, make sure that you do it in person or over video call if this is not possible. You should never request a pay raise by email or over the telephone.

While some people find it difficult to broach the subject of money at work, your employer will respect you more than if you hid behind an email.

3. Get The Timing Right

As a general rule, you should always pre-request a meeting with your boss to talk about a pay rise rather than just spring it on them at the last minute.

You should also pick the right time to request a meeting. For example, if a valued employee has just left, your employer might be worried about losing anyone else and will be more likely to grant your request.

4. Don’t Wait For Your Annual Review

Don’t think that you have to wait until your annual review to request a pay rise, as this may be too late, and all the company’s budget may have already been used up.

Instead, take the time to find out your company’s structure on pay rises and promotions so that you can maximise your chance of getting the salary you want.

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