Three office workersAs 2021, gets underway, how are you planning to keep you team motivated and productive? Affirmative Portfolios suggests five key resolutions to boost productivity in the coming year.

How to Get Your Staff Into High Gear In 2021

A new year work year has just begun, and hopefully it will be more productive than 2020. With the new, post-COVID-19 normal having taken hold in both our work and personal lives, getting the work done and motivating your team is going to be a challenge this year. Here are five tips to help you get the best from your team this year. Read our blog for more expert decorating and furniture buying tips.

1. Revamp the Physical Workspace

If your team is still working together in a shared workspace, rather than remotely, then you can start the New Year by refreshing the office area. Maybe you can invest in new furniture or clear away the clutter and improve the feng shui. Let your team start off the New Year with a renewed workspace.

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2. Provide A Safe Space for People to Air Concerns And Frustrations

What kind of culture does your office have? Is it an open space where people are free to make contributions and air their concerns, or do people hesitate to speak up? Remember to foster openness and a free flow of information in all directions. This makes team members feel more appreciated and invested, which helps to boost morale and improve productivity.

3. Schedule Regular Virtual Meetings for Remote Teams

If all or most of your team has moved to remote work, then you need to be sure to give them space to do their jobs, while also providing a regular space for them to check in and report back on their progress. Schedule regular Zoom meetings – once a week, every two days, whatever suits you.

4. Establish Shared Fitness And/or Health Regimes

If your team is working hard towards a particular deadline, it can be difficult for them to get away for a workout. Why not schedule some time at the office where the team can join in for a yoga session or a quick calisthenics workout? This helps you to take care of your team’s health, while also maintaining productivity and doing a little team building.

5. Remember to Acknowledge Good Performance

It’s one of the most important parts of management, and it’s also very easy. Yet, so many team leaders over look it: when your team members do well, acknowledge them. Encourage them to keep going and delivering, and build them up and encourage them – as individuals and as a team. This is all it takes to make people feel appreciated and maintain and deepen their commitment.

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