Shocked young woman standing against white backgroundJob interviews can be stressful; you spend so much time preparing the perfect responses to every possible question that the interviewer may ask that many people forget to be themselves. Whilst it is wise to prepare some mock job interview questions, it is important to stay calm, avoid sounding too rehearsed and not try to be someone you aren’t. Take a minute to stress less about that upcoming interview and to read through 5 questions that Affirmative Portfolios have put together for you to never ask in a job interview. You are welcome.

Questions to Never Ask in an Interview

Here are 5 questions to never ask a potential employer, no matter how badly you may want to know – just don’t ask. For more interview tips, check out our blog.

1. “What Does the Company Actually Do?”

This guarantees you a bad start to your interview. Whilst we understand that desperate times might call for desperate measures, your potential future employer might not. It is crucial that you research the company prior to the interview to ensure you know exactly what they do; you may even want to prepare some educated questions that hint you have thoroughly researched the company.

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2. “Do You Check the References I Provided?”

Asking this question raises a major red flag for the interviewer. You may want to know the answer purely to tell your references to receive a call, however, it may come across as suspicious. Rather let your references know that they may receive a call and avoid this question completely, as it may prompt further digging into your history or result in them completely bypassing your application.

3. “Can You Monitor My Browsing History?”

This question is a BIG ‘no’. You should not be browsing anything non-work-related during working hours. This can be an indication that you are not trustworthy and will be using working hours for personal browsing and correspondence. Companies want to get a sense that their potential employee has a high work ethic and can be trusted to complete tasks.

4. “Will You Check My Social Media Accounts?”

If you are known for letting your hair down over weekends, sharing controversial memes and starting fiery debates on your social media accounts, we advise you to ensure that all your social media is made private before you begin job hunting. Bringing up your social media accounts in the interview may seem like you have something to hide and they will definitely be following up.

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5. “How Many Warnings Do You Give Before Firing Someone?”

When starting a new chapter in your career, the last thing that you should be thinking about is getting fired. It also looks as though you expect to receive warnings, the employer will wonder if that has been a common factor in jobs before. It is important that you put your best foot forward in an interview and that often means trying to appear more confident than you feel. Asking how many warnings you will receive before being fired is certainly not a way to express self-confidence.

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We hope that you now have a very clear understanding of what questions you should avoid should you wish to be considered for the position. If you are looking to be placed in the company of your dreams, or if you are a company looking to recruit employees, contact Affirmative Portfolios today. Offering permanent and temporary recruitment, outsourced payroll, candidate screening and more – we can assist you in finding your perfect corporate match.

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