People lined up handing their CVs to a recruiterSecuring a job in today’s day and age can be a challenging task. Applying for jobs can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process, which is why our team at Affirmative Portfolios wants to give you the best shot at securing your dream position as soon as possible. When you first apply for a job, you cannot make a good first impression in person, so you need to ensure that your CV does your personality and experience justice. Luckily, we have all the CV tips to ensure that your CV goes straight to the shortlist.

How You Can Get Your CV to the Top of the Pile

Here are 3 foolproof ways that you can ensure your CV makes it to the top of the recruiter’s pile. For tips for both employees and employers, you can check out our blog.

CV Tip #1: Make Sure that You Tailor it for the Position You Are Applying for

It isn’t uncommon for recruiters to receive hundreds of CVs that contain the same generic cover letter. This can be frustrating to read as it shows that the applicant has sent out their CV in bulk, not taking the time to thoroughly research the position and company. If you want your CV to stand out to potential employers, tailor your cover letter and CV to reflect the position you are applying for. This can mean including the company’s name in your cover letter, a specific list of skills you have that make you an ideal candidate, as well as why you want to work for their company. This can be a time-consuming task, but beneficial in the long run.

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CV Tip #2: Put Your Best Foot Forward in the Summary

Whilst you can’t make the first impression in person, your CV gives you one quick shot. Ensure that your CV has a well-crafted summary that puts your best foot forward and grasps the attention of your future employer. This summary should include your previous work experience, skills, and career goals.

CV Tip #3: Layout Matters

This may not seem like a big deal, but it has a major impact on how your CV is viewed by recruiters. You can find plenty of CV templates online to ensure that you are following the correct layout for a professional CV – don’t just wing it. Whilst you may think that your creative and unique layout will work in your favour, it could do the opposite. Recruiters like to know where they can find the information they need without having to spend valuable time searching for it.

Get Ahead in the Game with Affirmative Portfolios

If your company is looking for quality candidates, or you are seeking placement, Affirmative Portfolios are here to help you find your perfect corporate match. Let us handle all your permanent and temporary placements, employee screenings, as well as tasks such as outsourced payrolls and ad response handling. Contact us today today should you have any further queries or want to find your perfect employee/employer.

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