Affirmative Portfolios pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable recruitersThe role of recruiting is easy to understand; recruiters are simply matchmakers, using their skills to bring together employers who have a vacancy in their industry, with a candidate who has the skills to fill the position. However, choosing a recruiter is far more complex task, as you need to find the ideal individual to represent your company, as well as attract and recruit an individual of the right standard. There is a certain type of person who can take on the role of recruiter and be successful in it, and this can be determined simply by looking at their personality traits.

Here are the Top 5 Traits to Look for in a Recruiter

Our team at Affirmative Portfolios have combined a list of the top traits to look for when choosing a recruiter to help you make the best choice for your company.

1. Find a Recruiter with a Likeable Disposition

It is extremely important for a recruiter to be able to build positive and professional relationships with both clients looking for employees and candidates looking for employment. Therefore, you need to ensure that your recruiter is a likeable and approachable individual. Due to their constant interaction with people, they need to be a ‘people-person’. If your recruiter is a likeable person, they are a good choice for an individual representing your company.

2. Choose a Recruiter with Influence

Recruitment is all about sales, therefore, it is the recruiter’s job to sell their position as a recruiter to their potential clients. Once they have successful done that, they will need to sell the job to the candidate. A recruiter needs to able to articulate and promote why this job is an ideal opportunity for the client. It is important that your recruiter can influence and attract the most suitable candidate for the position.

3. Opt for a Recruiter Who Can Multi-task

A recruiter needs to be able to multi-task. Due to being in contact with a number of clients, recruiters will often find themselves working on a few different jobs for a number of different clients and in order to place numerous candidates correctly, it is important for them to be able to handle the juggling of different projects effectively and efficiently.

4. Hire a Recruiter with Excellent Communication Skills

Recruitment is built around communication, whether it be face to face conversation or via the phone or email, therefore, the recruiter needs to ensure that they have impeccable communication skills. They are responsible for keeping both their clients and the candidates in the loop throughout the recruitment process. A good recruiter provides continuous updates and is able to fulfil the role of the ‘middle man’ between the client and the candidate.

5. Confidence is Key when it Comes to Recruitment

Recruiting is a field that requires an extrovert. A recruiter is forever networking and interacting with large quantities of people, especially clients and candidates, which is why confidence is very important quality for them to have. However, it is important that this goes beyond having confidence in just themselves. A good recruiter needs to have the utmost confidence in their skill set that is on offer and have the confidence to make the best selection possible for their client.

When choosing a recruiter, confidence is an extremely important factor.

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