Recruitment: Expectation vs RealityThere are many myths about recruitment that could do with some busting, and we want to set the record straight. Many expectations are hung around a recruiter’s neck, and the reality is often vastly different to what the job seeker expected. Take a look at some of the recruitment expectations below, and be amazed by the realities that follow.

Expectation: The Recruiter Will Receive My CV and Simply Find Me a Job

A lot of people think that by emailing their CV to a recruitment company, they will receive a call in a couple days to tell them that they have been hired for a new and fantastic opportunity that they will love working form. This is not the case.

Reality: The Recruiter Will Catalogue My CV and Consider Me for Highly Relevant Positions

Most recruitment companies will read through your CV and save it into a database for later use. If you are suitable for a current vacancy, they may contact you to arrange an interview. It is best in any case to send your CV to a recruitment agency when you are applying for a specific vacancy they have advertised. Job seekers cannot hope to find good work by simply emailing a CV to a recruiter and hoping for the best.

Expectation: Employers Only Care about My CV

Many job seekers seem to think that their CV is the be all and end all of their job hunt. Truthfully, there is much more to you than your CV and you should remember that, and be proud of it.

Reality: You are More than Your CV

Whilst your CV gives very critical information to the recruitment company and its clients, it is not the only valuable information they need. A cover letter is a great way to summarise your experience and explain why you are applying for the vacancy. Employers want to see your communication skills, assess your grammar, and see how you interact with others in an interview setting.

Expectation: Recruiters Are Biased and Unfair

Many feel that recruiters are brutal and uncaring creatures who favour certain groups or certain industries over others. They feel that a recruitment company has too-high expectations and requirements.

Reality: Recruiters Have Specifications to Meet

The reality is that a company approaches a recruiter and gives them specific characteristics to find in a job seeker, based on their experience, their qualifications, and how they will fit in with company culture. You may be a perfect candidate on paper, but don’t have the personality that the employer thinks works best with their current workforce, and this is for your benefit at the end of the day.

Expectation: I Don’t Have to Impress the Recruiter, it is The Employer That Matters

Somehow, some candidates believe that the recruiter is unimportant in the recruitment process, and that they only have to dress well and behave desirably in front of the employer.

Reality: The Recruiter is a Stand In for The Employer

The recruitment company is acting as a substitute for the employer, handling the job listing on behalf of the company to simplify and speed up the process. Therefore, your interviews with the recruitment company are incredibly important and if treated poorly, can halt your application immediately. Remember to dress smart, groom yourself well, speak clearly and with good grammar, and be an authentic but proper version of yourself.

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