hands and stationeryYou need the right team to ensure the longevity of your brand. Having the right skill sets and culture-matching personalities will make for an improved workspace with a higher rate of productivity, motivation, and profit-generation. The challenge is to ensure that you are attracting the right people to your available vacancies.


How to Create an Effective Job Spec

The best way to do that is by writing a better job spec. The perfect job spec will do more than just comprise of a list of desirable skills and experiences. It will attract the right talent and build a brand-consistent narrative that will draw the right team members to you. Here are the best five tips for creating the perfect job spec, and by using this template, you will be far more likely to attract the team members that will help your brand grow.

1. Job Title

You need to make sure that the title of your available position is an actual reflection of the role. It should be very clear about the role itself, as this will make it easier for the right person to find you. Consider job titles that are relevant to your brand culture, but make sure that they are not too broad or make use of generic buzzwords (the overuse of the word ninja is a good example of this). It’s a good idea to use position and industry related keywords in your job title, as this will make your vacancy much easier to find.

2. Clarify Necessary Experience

You will have a list of essentials that you will want your candidate to have. It’s vital that you separate these from your list of what would be nice to have. You should focus specifically on the most essential core skills that will be relevant to the daily tasks of your new team member. Get rid of arbitrary requirements and make sure that your job spec is tight and focused on the skills that really matter. This can be guided more clearly by knowing the specifics of the role and responsibilities of the vacancy that you are advertising. The clearer you are about the position, the more likely that you will attract the right applicants.

3. Brand Narrative

Nobody will want to spend time on an application if they don’t have a glimpse of the company that they are applying for. Remember to use your brand’s TOV in your job spec. Get rid of any jargon and buzzwords and offer a real snapshot of your company culture. While the voice of your job spec will depend on your brand, the important thing to remember is that you use it as a way to speak directly to the applicant. Reflect the qualities of your brand in your job spec, and you will draw the right people to you and cut down on the length and cost of an inefficient hiring process.

4. Don’t be Vague

While you don’t want to write a full essay as your job spec, neither do you want to be mysterious. High-quality applicants are going to want to know the basics about the role and about the company that they are applying for. If some of the basics are missing, such as responsibilities or prospects, then chances are that they will move onto the next post. Strike the right balance between giving enough info to get people interested and overloading them with facts. Always leave room in the interview process for going into more detail.

5. The Salary Question

The question of whether to include a salary in your job spec is much debated. In any list of top tips for creating the perfect job spec the subject of whether to include a salary range is often hotly debated. The fact is that high-quality applicants will be more inclined to make their application if they have some indication of what they will be paid. Failing to include a salary in your job spec can easily mean that you will waste time in the interview process, as applicants expecting a higher salary than what you are planning to pay will simply turn down an offer. That can become very frustrating if you do find the perfect applicant.


Affirmative Portfolios is Your Partner in Perfect Placements

These five tips for creating the perfect job spec will make it easier to streamline your hiring process and ensure that you get the perfect addition to your team roster. Take time to get your job spec right, and you can improve the diversity, strength, and productivity of your company. For assistance with job specs or any other aspect of the recruitment process, chat to the experts today.