The Importance of Company Culture in the Hiring Process

Hiring a new employee is more than just adding to the company headcount. It’s also more than employing someone with the right academic qualifications and experience to be able to fulfil a role. At Affirmative Portfolios, we believe that it’s about finding the right candidate who will positively impact the dynamic of the business and the individual team that they are to become a member of.

Why Culture is So Vital for the Successful Recruitment Drive

The success of a new recruit depends on how they fit in with the organisation, which is why the importance of company culture should never be underrated in terms of the selection process. Keep reading the blog to learn more about the impact of corporate culture on recruitment.

Why Does Company Culture Matter?

People spend most of their time at work, developing and progressing their career. To ensure they work to the best of their abilities, it’s important that they love what they do and are supported by the people around them.

If people do not feel valued by colleagues and the business itself, an employee can quickly become disillusioned and unmotivated. Unfortunately, negativity in the workplace is contagious, and if a team member is unhappy, it can spread amongst the rest of their co-workers. An undesirable work environment ultimately leads to an increase in employee turnover.

Effective recruitment relies on company culture being central to the hiring process.


Recruitment requires an investment of time, but you want to get it right first time round

When the need for a new employee has been identified, the organisation needs to commit resources to find the right candidate – not just a monetary investment, but perhaps more valuable, time. You need to understand exactly how onboarding a new member of the team will impact the business and not just those within the hiring process.

Until the role has been filled, it is most likely that the responsibilities have been delegated to another team member to carry out. The pressure is on to find a candidate as soon as possible, but it is worth holding on until someone who is truly aligned to the company’s values, and culture is located – otherwise, your new hire may not bring the relief and support that the business needs.

An ill-informed choice of a candidate can be a catalyst for tension

Within any team there a number of different personalities, but this is often the reason for a team’s success. Not everyone is a natural leader; some people have very strong analytical skills, and others are sticklers for processes and procedures. What the successful team members all share is an alignment to the company’s culture and collective values.

A new employee who may be able to perform their role’s key responsibilities perfectly well and effectively may still create tension within the team by being a distraction, causing interdepartmental conflict or just by being negative. Not only will productivity and efficiency be affected, but other team members may be inclined to seek employment elsewhere.


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Hiring new employees is vital for business growth and success, but recruitment is more than filling a position and creating a new title. However, it is critical that the choice of candidate fits in with company culture to bring real value to the team and the business. Chat to us today to find out how we can help you in defining your corporate culture & leveraging to attract and retain the right talent.