InterviewAs a premier recruitment agency, Affirmative Portfolios have plenty of experience in placing great candidates with great companies for long and happy careers. As part of our process, we also help candidates to impress potential employers in their job search, and we know a few tips and tricks to ensure that you can show off your skills in the best way possible to your new potential employer.

Market Yourself For Your Dream Role

The biggest thing we tell the candidates we work with is that they have to market themselves. Job hunting is no longer just about applying for as many jobs as possible and seeing which ones bite.

Even with blind hiring in place (read more about this on our blog), many companies will still be looking for candidates who demonstrate the ability to showcase themselves as well as their work.

Here are five things that go beyond interview tips to help you land that perfect career.

1. Build Your Industry Skills

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll likely need to have some specific skills in the job. If it’s marketing, maybe do a Google Analytics course or build your SEO skills. Are you working in manufacturing? Then a CNC qualification might be just the thing to give you the edge over other candidates.

Whatever it is for you, take the course, do the qualification, and make sure you showcase that to potential employers.

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2. Clean Up Your Online Presence

Yes, we know it’s a bit immoral for employers to go hunting online for information on you, and we do discourage it, but at the end of the day, some employers will, and it’s best that they don’t find anything you’re ashamed to show them.

This means locking down your social media profiles and cleaning up any websites where your name is mentioned that don’t show you in the best light.

3. Brand Yourself

While you’re cleaning up your online presence, why not add to it and give your potential employers something to look at?

Start with a personal portfolio website, showcasing your social responsibility as well as your professional skills and qualifications. Make sure you have a consistent look and feel to all of your public-facing online presence.

4. Think Outside The Box

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get hired, and it’s worth thinking of ways that you can impress the companies you want to work for by thinking outside the box.

This might involve coming up with your own marketing campaign on how to market yourself or at least tailoring a cover letter in a new way to meet your potential employer’s needs.

5. Network Offline

It’s not all about the online presence; sometimes, a firm handshake can do the world of good.

If you want to work in a specific industry, try to attend some networking meetings and events with industry experts to get your face and name known, you never know who you may meet or what opportunities may arise from it.

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