Business meetingAre you looking to shake up your recruitment process and make some changes? If yes, then here at Affirmative Portfolios, we have got just what you need. Blind hiring, a highly popular talent acquisition process, is when you reduce bias during your recruitment by removing information such as name, gender, religion, and socioeconomic background.

Known for helping to increase diversity and improve your overall hiring process, is blind hiring the future for recruitment?

Let’s take a closer look.

4 Ways Blind Hiring Leads to a More Diverse Workplace?

As briefly mentioned above, blind hiring or blind recruitment removes all identification details from a potential candidates‘ resume or application, meaning that you are able to evaluate them on their skills alone.

So, how does this affect workplace diversity, and how can it help your business become a better, more productive place?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Blind Hiring Removes Unconscious Bias

Although you may not think that you are biased when it comes to hiring new employees, there is such a thing as unconscious bias. This means that you are, without realising, making judgements about candidates based on their gender, race, or other factors.

Even recruiters with years of experience are not immune to unconscious bias. It is simply how the human brain works. However, by making the most of blind hiring, you won’t find yourself doing this, and you can still find just the person you need for the job.

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2. Blind Hiring Allows For Better Talent

If you want your workplace to have the top talent within your industry, you need to embrace blind hiring. Unlike more traditional methods of recruitment, blind hiring allows you to set more unconventional assessment methods, resulting in you finding the best employees for the job. Over time, using this recruitment method, you can build a team made up of the best of the best and enjoy a more diverse workplace.

3. Blind Hiring Eliminates Biased Hiring

As well as unconscious bias, it is also commonplace in many companies to see incompetent people working in high-level positions as a result of known biases. This may be because a hiring manager favours one candidate over another based on their religion, social prejudice, or even personal liking.

4. Blind Hiring Improves Company Culture

If you are looking for candidates that will fit into your particular workplace culture, then blind hiring can help you to achieve this. Allowing you to find creative minds that you may have previously overlooked, you are much more likely to find candidates that can think outside the box with this innovative recruitment process.

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