Affirmative Portfolios discuss working with a recruiterAre you looking for a job? The team at Affirmative Portfolios specialises in connecting employers to candidates, allowing people to find a career in a field they love. It’s not just about finding a job quickly – it’s about acquiring a role that lets you showcase the best of your talents, earning a salary that works for you.

Why Work with a Recruitment Agency?

Looking for a job is a job in itself. Having recruitment experts on your side can help the process. Not only will you likely find a job faster, but you will also find the right career – one that you genuinely enjoy. With the expert knowledge of a recruiter, that becomes possible.

Of course, that doesn’t mean zero effort on your part as a job hunter. To make the most out of working with a recruiter, use these six tips – you can also check out the Affirmative Portfolios blog for more recruitment tips for both candidates and employers.

1. Know What You’re Looking For

Recruiters are not mind readers, so be clear about what you want! Whatever field you specialise in, whether that’s business management or pharmaceuticals, define your goals and let the recruiter know what they are.

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2. Know What You Don’t Want to Do

On the other end of the spectrum, you must know what you don’t want to do. Perhaps you’ve spent too much of your work life answering calls, or maybe you don’t want a career that requires physical strength due to an injury. Let the recruiter know what you’re not willing or able to do so that no time gets wasted.

3. Keep Consistent Communication

Stay in touch with your recruiter throughout the process, asking questions when necessary and seeking updates. Doing so establishes a better relationship between you and the recruiter and helps you find your dream role faster.

4. Discuss Salary (and Benefits)

Remember to discuss your expected salary and benefits! You must be clear about this – there’s no point in applying for jobs that don’t meet your expectations, after all. By being clear about your expected salary up front, the recruiter can weed out the jobs that don’t work for you.

5. Give the Recruiter Reign to Edit

Recruiters know what they are doing, so let them help. You might find that they want to edit your resume or cover letter, and it’s often best to let them. After all, they know which resumes get results! Don’t worry – they’ll never actively change facts. Instead, they’ll improve the style or formatting to help you shine brighter to employers.

6. Be Honest

Lastly – and most importantly – be honest every step of the way. If you’re not interested in a job, let the recruiter know. If you’re sharing your career experiences and qualifications, always be factually accurate. Being upfront and honest means that you’ll get connected with a better job.

Discover Your Dream Job with Affirmative Porfolios

We are a recruitment agency that connects candidates to employers, ensuring a great working relationship for both parties. Work with us, and you’ll increase your chances of finding your dream job. Any questions? Get in touch with our team, as they can help kickstart your job-seeking journey!

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