Affirmative Portfolios share how to speed up the hiring processThe recruitment process to find new staff for your business can be time-consuming. From crafting job adverts to sifting through CVs and conducting interviews, there are lots of stages to get through before you can find the perfect candidate to fill your vacancy. To help you out, here at Affirmative Portfolios, we’ve put together some top hiring process tips to speed up recruitment and attract the best talent.

The Importance Of A Quick Hiring Process

Speeding up your hiring process is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it enables you to fill your job vacancy as quickly as possible, which keeps your business running smoothly. Efficient recruitment also saves you and your HR staff precious time. Lastly, it prevents you from missing out on hiring the best people because they’ve already accepted another position elsewhere.

Keep reading for six hiring process tips to speed up recruitment, and don’t forget to check our other blog posts for more advice on how to find the best staff for your company.

1. Make The Most Of Technology

Utilising the power of technology is a great way to speed up the hiring process. For instance, you can use initial phone interviews and online skills tests to screen candidates or AI tools to sift through CVs.

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2. Create The Perfect Job Posting

Clear and detailed job adverts ensure that only people who are right for the role submit an application. This helps you to avoid wasting your recruitment time on candidates who are clearly unsuitable for the job or decide they don’t want the position when they find out more about it.

3. Deal With Any Bottlenecks

One of our top hiring process tips is to check whether you have any bottlenecks in your current approach to recruitment. Perhaps going through CVs takes ages, or your interviews are taking too long. Finding the delay puts you one step closer to fixing it.

4. Be Selective In Who You Interview

Interviews are perhaps the most time-consuming stage of recruitment, so be strict in who you allow to reach this point. Only interview candidates who you are confident have the skills, experience, and passion necessary for the position.

5. Set Up An Employee Referral Scheme

Having your current employees recommend people who would be a good fit for your company can save you lots of time on recruitment. Plus, you can trust staff to only refer talented workers because they don’t want a poor hire to reflect badly on them.

6. Enlist The Expertise Of A Recruitment Agency

The most effective way to speed up your hiring process is to work with an expert recruitment agency. Here at Affirmative Portfolios, we can source, screen, and evaluate candidates for you, finding the ideal person for your vacancy.

Optimise Your Hiring Process With Affirmative Portfolios

If you’re interested in making your hiring process more efficient, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ll help you locate the best talent in no time!

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