Affirmative Portfolios share top interview tipsJob interviews can be intimidating, so it’s important to approach them the right way to give yourself the best chance of success. That’s why we at Affirmative Portfolios have put together a list of seven must-dos that will help you ace your next interview.

Top Interview Tips

Do you find yourself struggling to get past the interview stage of recruitment? If so, the following advice is for you. These seven interview tips will help you to make a great impression on recruiters and portray yourself in the best light.

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1. Sell Yourself

In all likelihood, everyone being interviewed by a company will be qualified to do the job – that’s how they got the interview, after all! So, one of the most crucial interview tips is to show why you’ll be the best fit for the role. You’ll need to highlight your relevant skills and experience, as well as your top accomplishments. Remember, no one else can do it for you – you have to make yourself shine.

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2. Let Your Passion Show

Companies want to hire someone who is enthusiastic about the work they do, so let your passion for the job shine through. As a general interview guideline, you want to give positive and upbeat answers and have a genuine reason why you’re the perfect match for the role in question.

3. Dress for Success

First impressions are everything, which means you need to look the part – even if it’s a video interview. This shows the hiring managers that you’re professional and taking the interview seriously. Research what dress code is appropriate for the company you’re interviewing, and ensure your clothes are clean and ironed.

4. Focus On Body Language

Body language is a key part of communication, so make sure yours is saying what you want it to. Top interview tips in terms of bodily communication include maintaining eye contact with your interviewers, sitting with an open and upright posture, and shaking hands if appropriate. Try to project an image of confidence and competence throughout the process, and you’re sure to give a good, confident impression.

5. Give Thoughtful Answers

Another key interview guideline is that the more preparation you do, the better. Think about the type of questions the interviewer might ask and how you can best answer them. Also, create a list of examples, skills and experiences you want to highlight, plus any questions you wish to ask the interviewers – having well-thought-out, relevant questions for your interviewers is an excellent way to impress them and show your interest in the position.

6. Quantify Your Answers

To truly impress during an interview, try to back up your experience and examples with objective data. For instance, don’t simply say that a project you worked on was a success – instead, say that it led to a 15% increase in sales or a 10% reduction in costs.

7. Be Honest

People often get tempted to bend the truth during a job interview, but this is a huge mistake. Recruiters can usually tell when you’re not being honest, and that’s a sure way to get rejected.

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