With the rise of recruitment consultants in this modern era of job acquisition, most potential employees will have to undergo a recruitment interview with a recruitment specialist before actually stepping foot into a company looking for candidates to fill a position. While this multi-level interviewing might seem scary to some; with a little street savvy and a dash of psychology – your recruitment interview could be your launch pad for career success! Have a look at our tips below to ensure you ace your recruitment interview and land the job of your dreams…

Plan your outfit

The first impression you give off is normally a lasting one. Before you open your mouth or stretch out your hand for a handshake, your interviewer will be looking at your choice of attire. Twenty-three percent of interviewers suggest wearing blue to an interview, as this shows that you are a team player. Wearing black, according to 15% of interviewers, suggests that you have leadership potential. Choose your outfit carefully and ensure that it reflects a message of professionality. Here are some outfit colours and what they say about you:

  • Red: Powerful, Confident
  • White: Organised, Innocent
  • Grey: Logical, Analytical
  • Brown: Dependable, Grounded

Express yourself

Some people are smart, but sound otherwise. Others sound smart, but aren’t very. If smart is an attribute you’d like your interviewer to associate you with, avoid speaking in a monotone. Not only does enthusiastic speech show your interviewer that you’re excited about your potential placement; it goes a long way to captivating them and ensuring that they pay full attention to everything you are saying. When answering questions in an interview, consider these speech characteristics:

  • Avoid speaking slowly
  • Vary your volume, speaking slightly louder about your positive traits
  • Don’t leave too many pauses between sentences
  • Avoid using utterances like ‘uhm, uh, well, and hmmm’.

Always make eye contact

There’s nothing worse for an interviewer trying to suss you out than not being able to make eye contact with you. Our eyes reveal a lot about who we are, so avoiding eye contact – even if just because of nerves – will leave a lasting bad impression. Here are a few eye contact tips for confident interviewing:

  • Maintain eye contact when first meeting your interviewer until they break it
  • Maintain eye contact when being asked questions
  • Break eye contact when answering questions only between sentences (never look down and to the left)
  • If you begin to feel uncomfortable, look at the bridge of their nose instead.

Mind your body language

Ever heard of the chameleon effect? This is a psychological phenomenon that suggests we tend to like others more when they are portraying similar body language to our own. Your body language says a lot about your general attitude towards employment, so avoid crossing your arms or rolling your eyes at all costs!
Feel free to mirror the body language of your interviewer – without copying them and making the situation awkward. If your interviewer is sitting up straight with hands clutched in front of them, ensure you’re sitting up straight and that your hands are where they can see them. If your interviewer is a little more relaxed in their chair, relax your body a little without seeming lazy or like you just got off of a cruise ship.

Find common ground

Like the chameleon effect above, we tend to gravitate favourably towards people who we share common interests, attitudes and beliefs with. You’ll be able to pick up what your interviewer is passionate about, and if you are passionate – even just a little – about the same thing, be sure to mention this at some point. We’re not suggesting you lie about anything, but be vigilant and find common ground with your interviewer.

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