If you’re reading this, you’re probably either without a job and looking for one – or you’re thinking about vacating your current job and finding a career worth being proud of through professional recruitment consultants. If you’ve just left university and interested in getting some work experience under your belt, read our graduates guide to finding your first job article. Approaching professional recruiters is a wise decision, but before you make contact with them – read up on the four things recruiters look for in a candidate:

Effective Communication

The first thing you need to realise before contacting a recruiter is that every shred of contact you have with them impacts their ability to place you. How well do you communicate when you call the recruitment consultant? How long does it take you to respond to their emails? When a recruiter asks you to send through your CV, do you leave it for the morning – or do you make a plan and get it to them immediately? This initial communication between you and your recruiter says a lot about how you’re going to handle organisational communication when you are placed at a company.

Your Physical Presentation

Most recruiters worth your time and effort will request that you visit them before they begin the placement process. These days, finding employees that fit into a team means screening candidates in person for specific traits that are desirable to the organisation – over and above qualifications, experience and the like. How you present yourself at this initial meeting with the recruiter will say a lot about you as a person, as well as your level of professionalism. You might be the perfect candidate for a high-paying position, but you’ll be looked over if you don’t impress the recruiter with professionalism in both the way you dress and the way you present yourself in the meeting.

Passion for your Craft

Are you a coaster? Someone who simply does the bare minimum your job requires of you – never going beyond the call of duty, with a lack of passion for your craft? Recruiters will find it difficult to place candidates who do not show a sense of confidence, as their clients almost always request ‘passionate’ individuals who they would like to see reinject some fresh life into their organisation. Show your recruiters that you are the perfect fit by walking tall, oozing confidence without being arrogant, and talking passionately about your unique talents and skills.

A Well-Designed CV

We know what you’re thinking – a CV doesn’t have to be fancy, right? Wrong. Your CV simply MUST stand out in the crowds and crowds of CVs submitted to recruiters on a daily basis. The task at hand is to create a CV that people actually WANT to read – so get started by reading this article on the five CV red flags to avoid. The flip side of the coin is that going too crazy with far-out fonts and colours could hurt your chances of being placed. If you are unsure of what the perfect CV should look like, why not speak to professional recruiters who deal with them on a daily basis?