At affirmative Portfolios we offer Ad Response handling to employers who are looking to source the perfect employee.Every company searching for a new employee will want someone who is best suited to the position. It can be quite tedious and stressful placing an ad and then having to sift through tons of CV’s, select a few potential candidates and then run interviews. Many of our clients have discovered the value of letting us handle the entire ad response process for them. Affirmative portfolios advert response management enables you to tap into our knowledge and resources so that we can short list suitable employees for you.

Our agency understands the importance of placing an effective ad to attract the best quality applicant. This is especially important if you are an employer searching for employees for a specialist position. We will first endeavour to understand your requirements, the position on offer as well as the essential skills needed. We will then design, write and place the advertisement in the most appropriate media avenues for you.

The advert description can be tailored to include additional information such as extra benefits and/or future career growth within the company. We have found that an accurately described and sector specific advert will attract applicants that will have no doubt about what the job entails. We ensure that the advert is placed through the correct media platforms so that the right potential employee sees it.  Over the years we have built up many resources in our network to ensure that adverts get the best possible coverage and response.

We will collate and screen the responses by assessing each CV. The CV’s are assessed according to each applicants experience and the requirements for the advertised position. We will shortlist the most appropriate personnel and present this list to you as well as assist you with any interview arrangements.

Affirmative Portfolios looks forward to assisting you to source the perfect employee.