Did you know that you have the opportunity to gain valuable skills with temporary employment?  Many temp candidates have discovered that their chances of exposure to new skills improved as well as their CV’s when they joined a company to fill a temporary position.At Affirmative Portfolios we have a wide range of clients that are searching for specific skill sets on a temporary basis. You may be searching for that ideal permanent job but why not make yourself available for a company for a certain period of time and earn an income as well as build on your CV?

If you are highly qualified you may be given the opportunity to be placed temporarily in a top end company, learning unique skills that will benefit you in your future endeavours. You may also have the opportunity to branch out from your “comfort” field or department and experience a totally different company sector. What better way to discover new systems, learn new skills and meet new people? Some of these new experiences could improve your chances of finding that dream job as many employees will look at the past experience of potential employees.

Another potential advantage for a temp employee who has performed capably might be in the form of a permanent job offer. Some employees have been impressed by the temp candidates performance and fit within their company and have therefore offered them a permanent position. A few weeks of temporary employment at a company gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills to an employer who possibly would not have discovered you. If you are someone that does not want a permanent job but requires more flexibility, a temp job can provide an income, new working experiences as well as flexible days or hours.

If you have temped for a number of different companies in the past you may have had the advantage of gaining new direction and skills. You may also have discovered along the journey exactly what position you want or don’t want and will be able to weigh up any future job opportunities more accurately.

Contact Affirmative Portfolios if you are considering a temporary job. We have successfully placed many temporary candidates with clients for varied time lengths.