We all know that times can be tough and that our career is important to us. Sometimes it is important to reflect when we are going about our daily career duties whether we are a valuable employee. Are we giving to the best of our abilities or just going through the motions in order to get our salary at the end of the month?
Would you consider yourself a valuable employee? Would your employer find you an asset?
What qualities would a valuable employee have?

Having a positive and pleasant outlook no matter what type of day you are having can certainly help to keep the office environment pleasant. A smile can make a huge difference in how we communicate to others.

Simply going to work and “getting the job done” does not make you a valuable asset to the company. Set yourself goals that are in line with the Company’s and strive to achieve them. This should help to get you noticed by Management.

A valuable employee is one that promotes teamwork and treats all work colleagues as well as clients with respect. Teamwork shows that you are able to work well with others and emphasizes that you are working not just for yourself but for the good of the workplace and your colleagues.

Become a mentor. Show that you have the knowledge and expertise to assist other colleagues, including new additions to the company. In other words, be “The Go to person”. This will make you a valuable employee that will be difficult to replace.

Strive to learn more and improve your skills. Read up on new developments relating to your Industry. Improving your knowledge will not only add to your confidence but can also be an asset to your Employer.