Going for an interview can be daunting but being prepared beforehand can have its advantages. Preparing for an interview is something that you can do well beforehand. Here are 5 useful Job Interview tips to help you stand out positively.

–    Know the company. Google the company and learn as much as possible about it. The company’s website can often provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the company’s mission statement, history, values and goals. The website may contain blogs on the latest news and developments which can aid you to ask relevant and intelligent questions. Researching the company’s culture can give you an opportunity to convey that you will fit in professionally and personally.

–    Know the Position. Research what the position is and what duties it will entail. Research the average salary for the position and determine    how your previous job experience has equipped you for the position.

–    Prepare your answers. Integrate your previous experience and skills into your prepared interview answers. This will help to highlight that you are both well prepared and suitable for the position. Prepared answers convey that you have a clear understanding of the skills and experience being sought for the position.

–    Be Positive! Most recruiters will choose the more enthusiastic and confident between equally experienced and qualified applicants.

–    Plan your interview Day. Have a few copies of your CV on hand and get a good night’s rest. Plan your interview outfit and groom yourself well. Ensure that you know exactly where the interview is and leave early enough to ensure that you are not delayed by unexpected traffic. Rather arrive early and relaxed.

Remember….don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Each interview is a learning experience.