2018 is the year you’re planning on landing your ‘forever job’, you’ll want to read this blog article on how to land your dream job in 2018. Today, we’re taking a look at three benefits of installing our Affirmative Portfolio recruitment app – and how our recruitment mobile app can assist you in your job hunting efforts for 2018…

Browse Available Jobs on the Go

Recruitment App – Woman Holding Mobile Phone Outdoors

Whether you’re using an Android device, or an Apple i-device, you can benefit from using our Affirmative Portfolios recruitment application. Times have changed since the days of having to print CVs, spending days canvassing the streets of your town’s business districts.

No matter where you are in South Africa, if you’ve got a smart phone or tablet, you can browse available jobs – as long as you have an internet connection. You’ll also get instant notifications when new jobs in South Africa are posted to the Affirmative Portfolios database.

Apply for Jobs Without a Computer

Recruitment App – Man Operating Mobile Phone Outdoors

Another benefit of using smart technology in your job hunting efforts is that you can do everything directly from your mobile phone! The whole process is super easy, and once you’ve uploaded your CV to the Affirmative Portfolios app, you can apply for any jobs on your phone.

Once you’ve found your dream job on our recruitment app, and applied directly from your smart phone, you can sit back and relax while our Affirmative Portfolios staff consider your suitability for the role. If you’re a good fit, we’ll call you back and share the good news!

Get Live Recruitment News

Recruitment App – Woman Operating Mobile Phone Outdoors

With things changing rapidly in the political spheres of South Africa, who knows what the employment landscape will look like in the near future. For example, did you know that the unemployment rate has improved from 27.7% in 2017 to 26.6% in 2018?

If you’re job hunting, you need to know what’s going on in the world of South African recruitment. Stay updated with the latest recruitment news simply by downloading our Affirmative Portfolios app. Not sure how to get started? Connect with us here and we’ll take you through the process.