Most job seekers know that the job search process can be tough, and following up on your interviews is even tougher, mostly because it can directly impact your chances of getting the job. Affirmative Portfolios have compiled some dos and don’ts to guide you through the follow up process to better your chances. A recruitment consultancy is a busy place; it is therefore important to follow these interview tips to success.

Do Send a Thank You Note

Thank you notes present you with a golden opportunity to follow up with the recruitment consultancy right away. Sending a short and sweet email or even a hand-written note is a quick but thoughtful way to show the interviewer that you appreciate their time and have a renewed enthusiasm for the position. Essentially, this follow up tip shows that you are polite, grateful and organised.

Did you know that some recruitment consultancies even have a checklist for each candidate, that includes a check for a thank you note? Now that you are motivated to send some notes throughout your job search, make sure to proofread them for repetition, informal language and grammatical errors.

Don’t Harass the Recruiter

After most interviews, the recruiter will inform you of a general waiting period, usually between one and two weeks, wherein they will conduct more interviews and start shortlisting for the position. One of the most important interview tips we can give is to not harass the recruitment consultancy after your interview. If the interviewer says that you should receive communication in about 7 days, and it is now day 9, it is perfectly acceptable to send a short, simple email asking if there have been any developments and if they have any advice for the process going forward.

Please keep in mind, however, that if the recruitment consultancy has informed you that you have been unsuccessful in your application, that it is not appropriate to email them every week thereafter looking for answers or new information.

Unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to ask for some feedback on their application via email, as this shows interest and personal growth.

Do Inform Your References if You are Shortlisted

If the recruitment consultancy has notified you that you are being shortlisted for the position and will potentially be having an interview with the client, remember to contact the references on your CV to let them know that the recruiter may be getting in contact with them. This allows them to expect unknown callers, as well as refresh themselves on who you are, what your strengths are and how to present you to the consultancy.

Don’t Stop Job Hunting

One interview, no matter how successful it seems to have been, is cause to totally stop job hunting and attending interviews. Your job search doesn’t end until you are certain you have secured the position you applied for. This is for your personal benefit, as the recruitment process is often long and grueling. The recruitment consultancy does not want to see you fail, but there is only so much they can do. Remember to maintain a positive attitude and keep your head held high. These interview tips are to assist you in creating positive impressions and going through the process as smoothly as possible.

Remember, as much as a recruitment consultancy wants to help you in your job search, they are also people with a lot of work to do. Therefore, a simple thank you note, some patience and understanding will go a long way towards furthering your interview process. We trust these interview tips will assist you when you next follow up with your recruiter. Stay positive and keep trying!