With the end of a busy year just around the corner, many of us are contemplating New Year’s resolutions – and one of the top ten most common New Year’s resolutions is looking for a top notch job. But why wait for 2017 to roll around? Here are some reasons why the end of the year could be the perfect time for you to get that job search underway…

Companies are preparing for the holidays

The months of December, January and February often bring new job opportunities. Newspapers, online job portals, social media sites, and niche publications advertise higher volumes of ads for temp and permanent positions and, whilst some companies prepare to shut down for the holiday season, for others this is their busiest time of year. Many employers – particularly in the hospitality and retail industries – are shifting into hiring mode as they require more hands on deck over the festive season. For those looking for temporary work – which could evolve into permanent work – now is an excellent time for job hunting.

December sees many resignations

Says this article in MarketWatch, December is ‘quitting time’. This puts employers under pressure to find replacement candidates during this time. But there’s another reason to get your CV out there – many other job seekers have hit holiday mode, and taken their foot off the proverbial gas. This means less competition for the jobs that do come onto the market.

Companies are preparing for the new year

From mid-January, many employers have their sights set on financial year-end – and they start reviewing their staffing needs, and putting budget aside for new hires. This period typically sees a rise in new hires with recruitment agencies at their busiest – advertising positions, assessing applications, and conducting candidate assessments.

Start your job search now and get the right job

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