Have you ever turned down a job, just because it’s temporary work? You could be shooting yourself in the foot! Today’s short term positions aren’t just for entry level workers; in fact, many experienced professionals are taking temp positions and earning an income, gaining new skills, learning new company systems, meeting new people, and adding to their overall work experience. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you should consider taking on a temporary job…

A temporary job offers variety and flexibility

Temporary work suits those who prefer working on a variety of assignments or projects that may not feature in a permanent job.  Every company has unique systems and different ways of doing things, and by working for various companies there’s good opportunity to develop new skills and gain valuable experience, which is always great for that CV!  You may even find that a flexible career allows you time for other important priorities such as further studying or other personal interests.

Temp jobs count as work experience

Employers who require an extra team member for short, long-term. or specialised projects often prefer professionals who already have temping experience. In fact, an article in Fortune showed that half of employers see a steady history of temp work as comparable to having a work history consisting of full-time positions. Temporary employees who take their temp positions seriously – arriving on time, fulfilling all job responsibilities, and even taking on additional tasks,  will gain solid references from their temp employers, which adds to their career portfolio and reflects an experienced candidate with good work ethics.

A temporary job could become permanent

Temping is also one of the very best ways to get a foot in a company’s door – it gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills to an employer who otherwise might not have discovered you. If you prove yourself capable and worthy, you may just become indispensable! Some employers also prefer to employ candidates on a temporary basis to see if they are capable for the position and the right cultural fit before offering them permanent employment.

Generate an income while waiting for a permanent position

A job is better than no job! If you’re hoping for a specific, permanent job to open up, but need to earn an income, a temporary position will help you pay the bills whilst you search for that dream job. Also, a temporary job prevents awkward unexplained employment gaps in your CV which, as we explained in Five CV red Flags to Avoid is often a big turn off to many employers.

Discover if the job is right for you

When temping, not only will you earn an income and develop new skills, you’ll also discover what type of job, company, or position best suits you – especially if the position or sector differs from what you’ve experienced before. Another bonus – if the job’s not right for you, you’re free to leave when the contract ends!

Get the right temporary or permanent job

Affirmative Portfolios assists candidates with varied skillsets to find employment and also assists employers looking for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled temporary or permanent staff. Submit your CV or contact one of our branches for more info today!