LinkedIn, the social networking website can offer professionals the opportunity to brand themselves as well as extending their network of contacts. It has over 85 million members worldwide and is growing. There are many companies that use this popular site to head hunt and to promote company information to any prospective employees.
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to connect with many people in the same profession as you. It is also an ideal tool to research companies and job listings. This gives you the opportunity to brand and promote yourself in a professional way.
Ideally, your profile headline should display your last job and you should ideally position yourself for the position that you are wanting to get. State your experience as well as your potential.
Do you have a selling point for yourself? State your experience by highlighting what you have done in the past. Make this short, to the point and easy reading.
Always be sure to use keywords that are relevant to what position you are looking for. Many recruiters will use keywords to search for potential candidates.
Because LinkedIn is a networking platform, be sure to make and keep important contacts. The more relevant contacts you have, the further your reach. Send out invitations and remain active on LinkedIn.